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New Vehicles

We currently offer NEW Honda, Toyota & Lexus models with no hidden fees and NO city sales tax!


Like a realtor for your car, Auto Executives can sell your car faster and for more money.


Auto Executives accepts trade-ins and/or can purchase your vehicle directly. Learn more today:

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New Toyota, Lexus, and Honda Lexus models

In the past, Auto Executives offered many makes of new vehicles.  However, beginning with the pandemic and the shortages that followed, Auto Executives was forced to discontinue offering some of our favorite brands.  Lack of availability made it impossible to offer a good value.  Thankfully there are signs of improvement, so we anxiously look forward to re-introducing these brands when inventory stabilizes.

FOR NOW, Auto Executives is ONLY offering Toyota, Lexus, and Honda Brand models to customers in search of a new car.  Rest assured, these brands are still offered with NO CITY SALES tax and the lowest fees in Arizona.

Brokerage Services

We’d love the opportunity to help you in your search for a vehicle.

With connections extending over 30 years, we’re fortunate to have access to quality pre-owned cars, trucks, and vans.  These vehicles are available via customer trade-ins, state and local auctions, estate sales & consignments.  Due to high demand, many of these vehicles are spoken for prior to posting.  Please call (520) 575-5775 and let us know what you’re looking for we can better serve you.


The fastest growing part of Auto Executives has been our consignment services.

Like a realtor for your car, we work to acquire the highest possible amount for your vehicle.  The amount you receive can be pocketed, or applied to your next vehicle purchase at Auto Executives.

Please call me directly at (520) 979-2469 to discuss this service and how it may benefit you!


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