About Auto Executives



Why Auto Executives?

I commonly hear customers talk about previous experiences at car dealerships.  

Sometimes the stories end with “we just asked for our keys back and walked out!” while others state that, thanks to their exceptional negotiating skills, they were able to get an “unbeatable deal.”

But, purchase orders don’t lie, and we’ve seen our share… 

It’s very rare we see a (great) deal after looking at the paperwork.  And, often times we’ll catch things that the customer didn’t know they’d purchased.

You see, it’s not the just higher prices, taxes & fees that get ya, it’s the onslaught of “extras” that invariably equate to “over-paying.”  And, often times the most money lost happens when you trade in your current vehicle.  This can amount to thousands of dollars – simply given away.  

No matter what you think, the cards are always stacked against you when you walk into, or shop online at a “online” dealership.  

The reality is…  unless you are privy to ever changing market conditions – you are vulnerable.  I spend countless hours accessing data.  I read about manfacturers, models,  I attend auctions and own expensive valuation software.  All of which makes me a qualified resource for you.  

Ready to see what the fuss is all about?