Our Services

Since 1992, Auto Executives has made purchasing new vehicles a surprise “fee – free” process.  Plus, several years ago, we added our unique consignment sale services. Like a realtor for your car, Auto Executives effectively promotes and can sell your vehicle faster & for more money. 

As always, we accept trade-ins, purchase vehicles at auction and buy directly from the public.

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New Car Purchase

Auto Executives is Tucson’s best kept secret when it comes to buying a NEW Honda, Toyota or Lexus.  Auto Executives offers lower fees, ZERO fluff charge “add-ons”                         + NO CITY SALES TAX!

Car Consignments

If you want to take the hassle out of selling a car, but still want to get maximum value out of it, consider our Car Consignment services.  All the advantages of private party sales with none of the headaches!